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Words From Clients

I am not exaggerating.. I have had the best clients anyone could ask for. That is the 100% truth. These are the words left by them from their reviews on Yelp! & Google. Helping me earn "HIGHEST RATED DETAILING SERVICE IN CENTRAL TEXAS IN 2021 & 2022!

Nanci F. – Austin, TX - 5/21/2021

Wow--what an amazing experience with Cap City Detail. Joshua came to me and showed upmost professionalism and courtesy. The miracle he performed on my 12 year old Volvo C-30 was astounding. The exterior was buffed and shone like a mirror, the interior, which was embedded with pet hair, was spotless, truly like a new car. He paid extreme attention to every detail and is truly gifted at his job. I am referring him to everyone I know, hands down! My friends are already asking who did the impressive rejuvenation on my car. I will not hesitate to use his services on a regular basis. Above and beyond!

Elise N. - Austin, TX - 5/27/2021

Joshua was AMAZING! He puts so much attention to detail and puts so much time and effort into his work! I got my boyfriends car detailed for him as a surprise and his jaw hit the floor when I surprised him! This was the best surprise I could have given him thanks to Joshua! We went on a 6 month road trip and lived out of his Toyota 4Runner and put that car through everything and it is looking BRAND NEW after Josh worked his magic! We love how eco friendly his business is, he uses 15 gallons or less of water for he detailing compared to other companies that use 50-60 gallons! Incredible. He clearly cares about his work and the environment and this is a business I would 100% recommend. His rate was so reasonable! He should honestly charge more. If you are looking for a mobile car detailed - look no further! Cap City Detailing is the business to go with!


He covers your car with a canvas


Happy customer!

Scott J. - Fountain Hills, AZ - 6/8/2021

Joshua is a one man band who went above and beyond the call of duty on my two vehicles.  I am new to Austin, so I used Yelp to help me find him. At the time, Joshua had one 5 star rating (its missing now). He is new to the business and wants to build his clientele.  After we discussed my expectations  for two cars, he gave me a fair price (I did comparison pricing).  As important as the price, he wanted a 5 star rating. He earned it. 


So if you're interested in helping a new start up and you are willing to leave him a positive review on Yelp... Joshua is your man.  He worked hard over two days (because of rain storms) to complete the job. 


My cars look show room quality now.

Susan T. - Austin, TX - 6/16/2021

My car is 13 years old, but you'd never know it after the exceptional detailing job that Joshua did today. He spent several hours getting years of dirt and grime off the leather seats and carpet, and the exterior is sparkling clean. I couldn't be happier!  It's always better hiring a solo-entrepreneur who has who is eager to please than paying a franchise business for results that don't come close to the same quality. Plus, you can't beat the convenience! I highly recommend Joshua for your car detailing job--he will exceed your expectations!

Matt R. - Gresham, OR - 6/21/2021

Josh is a rockstar, seriously the best detail we have ever had. His attention to detail is next level. He was very responsive, on time and he completed the job just like we were quoted. My wife and I are very happy and will use him in the future. Josh business is very new, but his limited reviews speak for themselves. You won't be disappointed! Thanks again josh, look forward to future details

Christopher D. - Austin, TX - 7/3/2021

I sold my car before getting the detail done, so I am basing my review on my exchange with Joshua.


Not only did he respond faster than anyone else (I pinged 5 detailers) but he gave me the most detailed breakdown of costs, concerns, practices and options. He must have sent me five notes in one day to respond to all my inquires. And let me tell you - he alone sent more information than all the other services I reached out to combined. Anything from what he was going to do - in detail - to what he was planning if it rained, to all the ways in which he could accept payment.


So no, he didn't do my old car. But guess who's going to do my new car?


Contact Joshua; you'll be glad you did.

Alice - Blanco, TX - 7/8/2021

Joshua is truly an angel! When I was shopping around for car detailing, he was the most responsive to my inquiries. He came out early (and far!) on a Saturday morning and poured over his detailing work until things were truly spotless. I should mention - I have two large dogs that I take swimming and playing in mud most days...and I had pretty much sacrificed my backseat to the dog hair and mud. I had no idea that my car could even be cleaned, let alone be returned to a like-new state. Also worth a mention - prior to getting the detailing done, I don't think I'd so much as vacuumed the car or taken to a car wash in at least three years.


The exterior is literally sparkling - and Joshua kindly did extra waxing on the car in preparation for the rain that was in the forecast. I can't find a single dog hair in the interior, and the dashboard is shiny and so clean. Not to mention - this is a mobile detailing business, so all of this greatness happens without you even having to leave your house.


All of this would be plenty reason enough to book with Cap City Detail, but the icing on the cake is that Joshua is truly a pleasure to be around. My husband and I greatly enjoyed our conversation with you, Joshua, and we are grateful that we never have to search again for any of our car detailing needs.


If you're considering booking, I highly highly recommend! :)

Rich S. - Round Rock, TX - 8/8/2021

Joshua came to give my new (to me) Mercedes a complete detail, including an interior ozone treatment, after the dealership I purchased it from didn't complete the detail they promised me.


Joshua came over 2 days to complete the services, because his dedication and commitment to providing customer service excellence is unparalleled.


'Thorough' does not describe the extent of which he went to, to ensure my car looked and smelled brand new.


I would not hesitate to recommend Joshua and his services to anyone that is looking for a quality detail.  I just wish I could have him come every week!

Wade C. - San Francisco, CA - 8/9/2021

Joshua has a mad eye for perfection! I was looking for someone to detail my husband's car as a surprise and luckily found Cap City Detail through Yelp.  This was my first time to ever have anyone detail my vehicle.  Joshua promptly reached out with pricing and his next availability.  He was easy to chat with and very timely to arrive on the day of the appointment.  If it shows how great the service was executed, I've booked an appointment to have our second car detailed.


On top of the quality of work and the punctuality, the thing that will keep me as a repeat client is Joshua's kind personality and cause.  He is a great human, and I'm happy to have found his company on Yelp!


If you need your car detailed, give Cap City Detail a chance! You won't regret it!

Wes S. - Austin, TX - 10/28/2021

Josh is a master of his craft. He went above and beyond to make our family's Jeep showroom ready. If I could add a thousand more stars I would. The professionalism and warm welcome Cap City Detail provides is out of this world!

Rico D. - Austin, TX - 10/28/2021

Attention to detail is next level and goes above and beyond to make sure your car looks great. Really cares about his work

Andrew B. - Austin, TX - 04/04/2022

Joshua with Cap City is by far the most thorough detailer I have hired in 20 years. I had him clean my work truck. In my opinion it was beyond the point where it could be detailed to look showroom ready. Joshua proved my opinion to be wrong. I was fascinated with how he would take a couple steps back at a panel that he just made look flawless, and look at it from every angle possible, then somehow manage to improve it. He communicates very well. PLUS - He’s a hell of a nice guy too. Came to me in Kyle and even gave me discounts I didn’t know I could get. That’s the sign of an honest and trustworthy business, which you don’t find a lot of these days. Hire Joshua. You will not regret it.

Tom U - Austin, TX - 4/3/2022

Joshua is a perfectionist in the best sense of the word and he got my 2018 Civic looking brand-new again. When approaching weather prevented Joshua from completing the job to his high standards, he made arrangements to come back and finish up on a different day. I really appreciated him going the extra mile to get that done. Joshua told me several times that he loves his work. When you see the attention he gives your car, you'll believe it!

Lauren F. - Austin TX - 03/11/2022

Great experience with Joshua - easy to book, communicated well in advance, and arrived promptly. Did his work thoughtfully and carefully, even re-doing some of the exterior after the lawnscaping guys blew leaves and dust on the car. The results were excellent and with his special march promotion, a very good value. Will definitely use him again! And he's got a great cause that he champions as well.

W.W. - Austin, TX - 1/8/2022

He worked for over 6 hours detailing my car and was able to get a lot of difficult stuff taken care of (mold and ink). He reached out to me along the way suggesting changes and ended up giving me a good amount off the final price. Great work and thank you!! You'll be my go-to detailer in austin!

Sharrin B. - Austin, TX - 01/12/2022

Best auto detail I've ever received. Joshua arrived promptly and went right to work. My car looked absolutely beautiful when it was finished. I didn't have to ask for anything to be touched up. I didn't use a fragrance but the interior smelled incredible. I will definitely use Cap City Detail again and will gladly refer others.

Linda N. - Sun City, TX - 01/15/2022

Joshua is fantastic.  Well worth every dollar you spend.  We cleaned up two cars for me.  My son's car was a disaster.  It took Joshua two days of scrubbing,, polishing, and deodorizing.  But the result was a 6 year old car that looked like it was only 6 months.  As a result, my son sold his car for top dollar.  My car was an easier task but again like new in the end   Joshua has tricks for getting out all kinds of dirt, grime and to renew even the worst worn spots.  Joshua is not only dedicated to his craft; he is a great guy!!

Karen A C. - Austin, TX - 03/11/2022

Joshua  is great! The attention to detail on my car and Jeep was  above and beyond! I Highly recommend him!

Lauren N - Austin, TX - 03/13/2022

Great experience with Joshua - easy to book, communicated well in advance, and arrived promptly. Did his work thoughtfully and carefully, even re-doing some of the exterior after the lawnscaping guys blew leaves and dust on the car. The results were excellent and with his special march promotion, a very good value. Will definitely use him again! And he's got a great cause that he champions as well.

Jordan F. - Austin, TX - 05/19/2022

Joshua did amazing. He made my car like new again! I had so much dog hair in my car and he got every strand out! He is also a great human all around. Support local businesses and let Joshua detail your car :)

Dylan W. - 5/21/2022

Josh did an amazing job cleaning up my car. It had been through 3 long roadtrips across the state and was just a mess. After Josh was done my car looks practically new again. He even removed swirls from an improper car wash from before, so awesome! Thanks for the excellent work and quality service, will definitely be back for my next detailing!

Ariana G - Austin, TX - 7/30/22

Joshua has the KINDEST soul. He is meticulous and I'm so glad I called him! I was getting onto the highway and I accidentally spilled coffee on my passenger seat - y'all the coffee had milk in it - so immediately I began looking for someone to detail my car because this Texas heat was about to cook this milk into my seat. Joshua fit me into his schedule knowing how awful milk can smell in the car and he was able to SUCK OUT the coffee with a special machine he had. He literally saved my car from smelling like something awful, not only that but he was able to come to my job while I was workin, and clean my car in this Texas heat I have nothing but good things to say and would recommended him 10 times over. THANK YOU

Jon H. - Austin, TX - 8/5/22

Joshua was extremely detail oriented and did a fantastic job with my Subaru. I drive a lot- 125k miles in the last five years. My car is basically my mobile office. It's been through winter conditions all over the country, has had thousands of meals eaten in it, and has even been off-roading. Essentially, it needed a lot of cleanup. Joshua spent almost eight hours doing the inside and outside of my car. He tested and discovered I had a minor mold issue, which he was able to mitigate with a quick ozone treatment. That explains the smell I'd never been able to get rid of. The paint looks cleaner than I ever could have gotten it with wax myself. The upholstery looks years newer. Importantly, the car also smells brand new- without air freshener. Extremely happy with how this turned out. I do not baby my car, and there was zero judgment about it's condition. Really thankful for how much more pleasant the driving experience is now that it's clean again!

Ryan P. - Austin, TX - 9/16/22

Excellent work. Frankly above and beyond my expectations. This is definitely the option for making your car look it's absolute best. It's going to cost you what a car detail might cost you and know the extra fees as you consider decisions along the way, but it was definitely worth it. The attention to detail was 100%. I feel like I am driving a new car.

Kim P. - Kyle, TX - 9/24/22

This time Joshua did my car!!!!  The shine on it is blinding.  It's absolutely stunning!!  It's so beautiful I don't want to take it out of my garage where it can get dirty!!!!!  Joshua, you do amazing work!!!  Book an appointment today, your car will love you back!!!

Christian M. - Downtown Austin - 10/13/22


If you're looking for someone who's  trustworthy and pays attention to detail definitely Joshua. On top of the amazing job he did with both vehicles he had superb communication the whole time and went above and beyond to change out one of my lights which was a big help believe it or not.
Thanks Joshua!

Kristian F. - San Marcos, TX - 12/4/22

Josh was super flexible with scheduling and did an incredible job deep cleaning the interior of my car. I'll be booking regular service with him and highly recommend him for anyone in the Kyle/SMTX area.

Karis C. - Kyle, TX - 12/7/22

Joshua with Cap City Detail was great all around. My vehicle looks amazing! Joshua answered all my questions about smells and products. We messaged quite a bit and he was very nice and quick to respond. He even removed my latched in dog car seats that I couldn't unlatch myself. There is a camera app so if you are paranoid or anxious you can see your car while it's being worked on! I've never had a car detailed so that struck me as super cool. I will absolutely be recommending Joshua to others.

Renee W. - Kyle, TX - 12/2/22

The whole experience with Cap City was wonderful. Josh was really responsive and professional, and even picked up and dropped off my car! He texted me pictures and updates through the whole process and even had cameras in the shop I could watch if I wanted. My car looked amazing after everything Josh did and I will definitely use Cap City again.

Andrew B. - Austin, TX - 12/2/22

He did it again! This time Joshua worked his magic on my wife's Tesla. I keep kissing my fingers like I am Italian or French because it is just perfection! Joshua, hats off to you and your mastery!

Rhonda M. - Austin, TX - 8/19/2021

Love getting service with Cap City Detail. He worked on my 12 year old stain again and it came completely out! I am amazed at how hard he works for his customers.



I recently had my car detailed with Joshua.  I had a horrible stain on the floor in the back of my car from my little one spilling a grape 2009.  Yep, I shamefully ignored it all these years thinking nothing would get it out.  Joshua worked tirelessly on my carpet and I was shocked at how much it lightened!  It's a work in progress and will require more than one detailing but the before and after was just amazing and I feel so much better at how my car looks.  Literally 5 years younger inside and out.  It's very nice having someone come to you and you can lounge in your own home while they get the job done.

Amanda B. - Coppell, TX - 5/31/2021

Excellent job detailing my car. Exceeded expectations. Also, good communication and friendly.

Patricia S. – Austin, TX - 6/5/2021  

Joshua made my '05 Camry look Fabulous ~ a Wow! 5 Star Job. Carpets cleaned, sanitizer, Leather

Carpets sanitized, leather, tires cleaned, headlights buffed out, ceramic wax & more.

Thomas G. - Irvine, CA - 6/9/2021

Josh did an amazing job cleaning up my dirty Corolla -- over the years it's gotten pretty grimy but after the detail it felt like a totally new car! Pricing was fair and scheduling was easy. The mobile detailing set up was super convenient and used little water. Would highly recommend!

Sarah F. – Del Valle, TX - 6/13/2021

Super Impressed with this business!!


Joshua worked with my son to schedule a 'surprise' detail for my car. Since the pandemic, my poor car has been driven almost exclusively by teenage boys which put a layer of filth and grime all over the inside and outside of the car. There was even a half a beach worth of sand on the inside of the car thanks to a weekend away at the beach. It was a mess! Every time I got in it to drive it since the lockdown, it was dirtier and dirtier.


Joshua and his partner were able to restore all the beautiful trim on my car and get the inside and out looking just like new again! The inside is just breathtaking.....I dont know how but he was able to get out all of the sand AND he also got rid of the teenage boy stink. Every nook and cranny of the car looks like the day I brought her home, I was in tears as I drove it for the first time today.


If you are looking for someone who pays attention to ALL the details and cares about their work, this is the place to go! I cannot recommend Cap City Detail highly enough!


You can't tell because I forgot to take a before picture but there was sand EVERYWHERE, fast food garbage, sticky something, and it smelled.


So pretty and the trim looks VERY nice!

Jen A. - Leander, TX - 7/1/2021

Joshua did a fantastic job! Very detail oriented and worked for many hours to get everything as clean as possible. We had him come back to detail our other car a few days later and he did another great job. He is very personable and would definitely recommend!

Megan N. - Austin, TX - 7/6/2021

It was my first time getting my car detailed from someone who personally comes to you, and it was definitely worth it! Joshua was really punctual, communicative, personable, and provides great pricing for his work. He was really considerate for the type of cleaning product he used on the interior of my car with my dog in mind. Highly recommend!

Caryl B. – Dripping Springs, TX - 7/7/2021

Joshua is amazing!  We had 2 of our cars detailed with Joshua and they still look amazing weeks later!  I transport our dogs in mine and there wasn't a single trace of dog anything in my car when he was finished!  That alone is impressive.  I will hire him over and over.  Easy peasy.

Leanne M. - Austin, TX - 7/10/2021

I had a gross odor in my car from when I shampooed the inside.  I put out a request for a quote and received several pricey quotes for interior/exterior wash and shampoo.   Cap City Detail was the only company who offered a $25 charge to use an ozone filter type air filter/refresher.  It actually took an hour, but I am so pleased. The odor is completely gone.  This guy was super nice, on time, and got the job done at a fraction of what others offered.  Thank you so much.

Andrew B. - Austin, TX - 7/25/2021

I like to do my research before buying a product. But, I'd never eat at a certain restaurant or have any service done to/for me based on what online reviews said.. That's why this is my first review. When I had read what people were saying about Joshua and his Cap City Detail, it made me want to step out of my comfort zone and trust the words of strangers written about him. So, I did. And since I based hiring him off of what others said, I am going to tell you:

Did he communicate enough with me before being hired? Yes, he answered every question I had. He educated me on things I didn't know the exact meaning of. (I even asked questions that I knew the answers to, just to see if he would get annoyed or BS me. He didn't, he was consistently friendly and courteous 100% of our interactions.)

Punctual? To a T. No way to sugar coat this. If he said he would do something and when, it would happen.

Others wrote his pricing was fair. Was it? I am not rich. I know the value of a dollar. I didn't believe his prices were high when we chatted online, and after the service (I watched from my living room) that he gave, I believe his prices are a bit lower than he should be charging. When I told him this, he was a wee bashful and said that he wants to keep his prices what they are because not everyone has bounced back from 2020.

I'll give the last part of my review a preface. I'll call it, "The man behind the detailer."

It's not my place to tell another man's story. I'll just tell you enough that I hope will intrigue you & give you a feeling in the pit of your belly to make you choose Joshua and his Cap City Detail.

Joshua is what I call a hidden force. What does that mean? He doesn't want the limelight for doing what others simply either can't or won't do because of fear. He did something a couple years ago that (if you are an adult) benefits you every day in this state. EVERYDAY! What did he get out of it? Notoriety? No. He got the feeling that he had to do more. And that's exactly what he is doing. Choosing Joshua when it comes to having your car detailed is a hands down no-brainer. Do it. Choosing Joshua as a human you should support and be a champion for, that's something I am doing now. Never realizing I would feel like this when I hired him. My car is exactly as I remembered it the very first time I laid eyes on it at auction. I am in love with it all over again. Nine times out of ten, I am normally glad I stay in my comfort zone. But, this time, I am the polar opposite.

Joshua, I am proud of you, and you should be as well. You will go far. Further than I think you believe you would ever go. You are more than a detailer, a nice guy or a doer. You are truly a hidden force.

Eric C. - Austin, TX - 9/10/2021

Josh has an incredible work ethic. Easy and fun guy to work with. He painstakingly worked to detail and coat my newly acquired car and I couldn't be happier.


Looking forward to working with you again Josh!

Samantha W. - Austin, TX - 12/31/2021

I have a large lab mix & generally detailing doesn't last long with her. However, Josh did such an amazing job getting all the hair out & made my car look brand new. It stayed that way as well for a long time. He is kind, responsive, and reasonable in price. I will continue using him in the future.

Rachel B. - Kyle, TX - 04/13/2022

Josh is incredible. Very detailed and thorough! He went above and beyond...highly recommend!

Rico D. - Austin, TX - 04/11/2022

Another great detailing by Josh. Easy, accessible and attention to detail is great. He came by to detail the exterior of my car with a ceramic application. He knew it was gonna rain and wanted to wait. Few days later, He came by on one of his days off to finish the job. Very pleased with his work!

Nikki P. - Oak Hill, TX - 03/19/2022

We decided to sell our 10 year old minivan privately, so we knew that we would need to get it detailed. Joshua came highly recommended to me and when I reached out to him, luckily he was able to squeeze me in at the last minute. I was imaging that he would come for a couple of hours and do a slightly better job that a detailing place. Boy was I wrong! Joshua spent several hours cleaning every nook and cranny. He took YEARS off of this kid-destroyed minivan. We were shocked. Not only was he great at what he does, he was also really nice and easy to talk to. I sold the van the next day and the buyer couldn't believe that it had once been filled with crazy, messy kids. I will definitely be calling Joshua again!

Kris V. - Austin, TX - 03/11/2022

Josh is an incredibly passionate person about his work. I open with that statement because he sees the work he does as a reflection of himself, so he puts everything he has into every car he details. He's thorough and detail-oriented so there is no square inch of your car that doesn't get cleaned. I'd highly recommend his services and he's absolutely worth every penny!

Guillermo G. - Georgetown, TX - 01/04/2022

Joshua came highly recommended by a trusted friend and he did not disappoint. A consummate professional who not only knows his trade well but also enjoys doing it. His prices are amazing and the work he does is incredible. I would recommend Cap City Detail to anyone and Joshua will be detailing my car from now on.

Kara M. - Austin, TX - 02/03/2022

Cap City Detail has done such a great job on all of our car's & suv's. They look and feel brand new again! If you want great work call them to get great detailed  one of a kind service!

AJ S. - Austin, TX - 02/23/2022

I was referred to Joshua and Cap City Detail in January of 2022. I wanted to sell a 2012 RX350. Joshua responded within minutes to my initial inquiry. The Cap City Detail website was also helpful and easy to navigate. Joshua built trust with me from the get go. We just happened to plan the detail during a week when weather was supposed to hit Austin. Joshua planned and executed the Diamond detail in a climate controlled space and the 10 year old SUV came out looking brand new.  The SUV sold for market as very good condition.  Joshua's detail work proved its worth! I look forward to the next detail job with Joshua!

Brandi S. - Cedar Park, TX - 03/12/2022

Joshua is amazing. I got my new car and he was the only detailer that would answer the phone. Since meeting him, we have bonded like no other relationship. He is excellent at what he does. His cost is great and his work is very detailed. He cleaned my used car and made it look brand new. I highly recommend his services. He will be able to do anything you need professionally!

Scott P. - Austin, TX - 04/27/2022

Joshua is amazing. I got my new car and he was the only detailer that would answer the phone. Since meeting him, we have bonded like no other relationship. He is excellent at what he does. His cost is great and his work is very detailed. He cleaned my used car and made it look brand new. I highly recommend his services. He will be able to do anything you need professionally!

Dominic - Austin, TX - 7/26/22

Cap City Detail did an amazing job on my 2022 Tesla model Y performance. Even though my car was brand new, you could tell the difference from the before and after pictures. Josh was incredibly friendly to work with. I asked for a specific request for exterior only and he had no problem with that. I appreciate the flexibility and passion he clearly has for the job. I got the ceramic coating package and will follow that up with monthly exterior washes from him as well.

Donna S. - Driftwood, TX - 7/30/22

Joshua is a lifesaver!!! I had gotten some hard water spots on my new car and I could not get them off my self! Joshua gave me a quote of $178 for an exterior mobile detail. He was available quickly and he arrived right on time. The water spots were trickier than we imagined and he asked if it was ok to go and get some other products and come back in a few days to make sure they were taken care of to his perfection. Joshua is a perfectionist and he came back in a few days and made my car look even better than when I got it. Joshua is also working from n making a documentary and I felt like the money went to a great cause. He didn't charge me anything additional because he stood by his original quote. Thanks Joshua! We will use you for all of our car detailing needs!

Ashley C. - Austin, TX - 8/22/22

Joshua is dedicated to his craft, cares about his customers, and takes pride in his work. I've worked with him multiple times and always feel he has my best interest at heart. He applied a ceramic coating and it's made it so easy to keep my exterior clean. I'm especially moved by his personal story and mission.

Katie J. - Kyle, TX - 8/25/22

Joshua is amazing and truly cares about doing a fantastic job. Our car had been sitting for 2 years, collecting pollen and who knows what else. Prior to that, we had a job that took us on the road most days of the week, grabbing lunch wherever we could and eating on the road. I can't imagine what he found under the seats and in the crevices. Joshua kept in contact with me the whole time, updating and sending pics. I couldn't believe how Coco (yes, we name our cars - no judging!) looked when she came home. She looked like a brand new car - something you'd see on a showroom floor. So impeccably clean! I cannot recommend Joshua enough! Don't hesitate to call him. You won't regret it!

Ron P. - Dripping Springs, TX - 10/8/22

I took my tired 18 year old Infiniti to Joshua to work his magic on the exterior paintwork.  He did such an amazing job bringing back out the life and color of my car.  It felt so smooth from his efforts in using a clay bar then polished and waxed a car to a shine it hasn't seen since new. His attention to detail was evident in his love for his profession and happy to go above and beyond in doing the right job ahead of profit. I highly recommend Cap City and appreciated his pricing, and above all very satisfied with the end result. Plus Joshua is a really nice person and a very hard worker, your car will be in good hands with him.

Steve P. - Austin, TX - 11/16/22

Mother-in-Laws older Volvo was looking tired and run down until Joshua went to work on it. We asked him to detail the exterior, interior, and engine compartment. Results were nothing short of amazing! Joshua meticulously cleaned and shined every inch of the car. The engine is clean enough to eat off; the interior and exterior haven't looked this good since we drove it off the show room floor. I can't say enough about Joshua's attention to detail and drive for perfection. He is the BEST!

Heather J. - Austin, TX - 12/30/22

Joshua's skill and service are impeccable! Joshua detailed two SUVs for us at our home. We genuinely feel like we now have two brand new cars! They look and smell like they just drove off of the new car lot. Joshua has an eye for perfection and is highly detail oriented. He genuinely cares about the quality of his work. Joshua responded to my inquiry quickly, communicated clearly, and arrived on time. He brought an extensive array of supplies with him and worked quietly and independently the whole service. One upholstery car seat had a stubborn 3-year old cat urine stain on it that we were unable to remove on our own for years. Thankfully, and to our great delight, Joshua was able to remove it today. Joshua also buffed out some stubborn exterior debris that had baked into the paint. It was quite a transformation. We highly recommend Joshua and will be enjoying the feeling of driving in our sparking clean cars. Thank you!

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